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The Recall

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missed hours of council meetings since 2019


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missed 13 meetings in their entirety

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The Recall

Join the Recall of the Mayor of Dallas, where we're dedicated to restoring trust in local government by holding our Mayor accountable for his party switch. We believe in transparency, accountability, and consistent representation, and we're actively seeking volunteers to join our cause. Together, we can demand the accountability our city deserves

Recall Process in Dallas

Dallas has a structured process in place for the recall of city council members, including the mayor:

1. Petition for Recall: A petition demanding the recall of a city council member must be filed with the city secretary. This petition must:

  • Be signed by at least 15% of the voters who were eligible to vote for the member in the last general municipal election.

  • Contain a general statement of the grounds for removal.

  • Adhere to the provisions of Section 12, Chapter IV of the Dallas City Charter

2. Notice and Timeline: On the day the petition is first circulated, the city secretary must be notified in writing by five registered voters from the city council district of the member in question. The petition must be filed within 60 days after this notice.

3. Verification: The city secretary has 30 days from the filing of the petition to verify its validity. If necessary, the city council can provide additional resources or time for this verification. The outcome of the examination will be attached to the petition.

4. Recall Election: If the petition is found valid, the city council will call a recall election on the next available election date, which is at least 60 days after the petition's certification. The member in question will automatically be on the ballot unless they resign or declare an intention not to be a candidate. The election will be for the unexpired term of the member.



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